Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Many Days Before I Leave For Vacation Should I Wax Brazilian Wax Question?

Brazilian Wax question? - how many days before i leave for vacation should i wax

I'm going on vacation with my friends and I get a Brazilian wax before I go, but I do not know when they should. Should I have done the day earlier before departure or a few days? I'm afraid if I make a couple of days before they take the growth during the journey again. Someone help me please!


eyesofse... said...

Program your Brazilian at least 3 days before departure - I made the mistake of flying with a case within 24 hours and makes the flight very uncomfortable! Time to return to a normal growth is 3-4 weeks. Enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Brazilian wax takes about 4-6 weeks. It do a week in advance, since it is your skin red and sensitive for one or two days later. Not attractive in a bikini! ;-)
Also, try sex, even for one or two days later.
Aloe Plano can to calm the skin down.
Note that you need about .25 "of hair growth for a growing success.

Be prepared - not a pleasant experience.
Good luck!

Lindsay said...

If u have sensitive skin or for the first time in Ur, or have two days before the trip UR doing .. it takes time to relieve redness and pain.
but if U've before and the day before .. ok done and do not worry, it takes more than 2 weeks to regenerate, if it depends on how long the journey.

brianna said...

48-62 hours before departure, so that the redness in May next ...
especially if it's the first time

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